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                         SCHEDULE OF EVENTS


                 A wide variety of FREE Entertainment is offered to fairgoers throughout

            the Fair each year with this years featured entertainment scheduled as follows.




         Woodys Menagerie and Circus of Wildlife Show

                            located on the South Fairgrounds with three shows daily

                                        and times posted at the show location.                                            


              Hyper Dogz with Dixie The Magical Horse

                                Located on the North fairgrounds with three show daily.

                                     Show times posted at the show location.



                                                      Tom and Friends                                                                                                   



                                                     Ms. Mary and Dixie



                               Disney Spectacular

                                               Saturday September 12 and

                                                    Sunday september 13

                                     Various show times strolling the Fairgrounds






                                       Wade Henry

                                                  Juggler and Strolling Entertainer

                                         appearing daily throughout the Fairgrounds

                                              September 14 through September 19




         FRIDAY - SEPTEMBER 11

           5:00pm - 7:00pm       Open class exhibit entries accepted in the Arena Building

                                  Non- Livestock   (NEW TIME FOR THESE ENTRIES)



                                            ANNUAL FAIR PARADE


            9:30am     Capaha Park to the Fairgrounds Parade Route                           

                                 Pre-entry required by September 8 at the Fair office

                                     ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE


           1:00 pm     FREE Fair Bingo                                               Activities Tent


                                            KARAOKE CONTEST                         Activities Tent

          4:00pm / 5:00pm      - Junior Division                

          5:00pm / 6:00pm      - Intermediate Division

          6:00pm / 6:30pm      - Senior Division             

          6:30pm / 7:00pm      - Duet Divisions   

               To register for all Karaoke divisions please visit the SEMO District

               Fair office prior to September 4th registration deadline.

                               All contestants must be pre-registered.             

                                    GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE

            8:30am     Antique Tractor Pull - open to all contestants

                                 Produced by Egypt Mills Antique Club 

                                           Free event  

            7:00pm      Auto Tire & Parts Dual Demo Derby


                                 Produced by Thunder Valley Promotions.


                                Tickets available at $15 and $20

                                Advance purchase includs entry gate admission

                                 COMPETITIONS & CONTESTS

               8:00am      All open class entries for competition and display

                 /Noon             inside the Arena Building will be accpted

                                              (excludes livestock entry)

               11:00am   Washers Tournament - Singles Event

                                        American Legion Pavillion       


               1:00pm     Washers Tournament -Team Event

                                        American Legion Pavillion

                           LIVESTOCK COMPETITIONS & JUDGING


                 1:00pm    4-H Poultry, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs Judging

                                    Poultry Tent

                 4:00pm    Draft Horse & Mule Obstacle Course

                                    Ball Field # 7 - South Fairgrounds

                 4:30pm    Senior Draft Horse / Mule Hitch Challenge

                                    Ball Field #7                 


         SUNDAY - SEPTEMBER 13

                                      ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE

           2:00pm / 3:00pm   SEMO District Fair Pageant (rehearsal)

           3:00pm / 6:00pm   SEMO District Fair Pageant


                                  GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE

            9:00am / 10:am    Cape County Cowboy Church

           10:00am / 1:00pm   Heartland Barrell Racing practice

           1:00pm                Heartland Barrell Racing Extravaganza

                                        Sponsored by Mouser Steel &Trailer Sales


                                        Produced by Heartland Barrell Racing Association


                                                             Free Grandstand event



              1:00pm     All Classes of entries inside Arena judging to include

                                Fine Arts, Photography, Floriculture, Horticulture,

                                Family & Consumer Science, and FFA Horticulture.

                               LIVESTOCK COMPETITONS & JUDGING

            11:00am      Draft Horse Judging - Livestock Arena

            1:00pm        Poultry & Rabbit Dress-Up contest Childrens Rooster

                                   Crowing & Hen Clucking Contests

                                   4-H / FFA Goat Tent show ring.

            2:00pm        4-H Dairy Bucket Calves, 4-H Dairy, FFA Dairy Judging

                                   Livestock Show Arena

            6:30pm        Draft Horse / Mule Hitch judging

                                    Arena Grandstand


         MONDAY - SEPTEMBER 14

                                       ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE


            5:30pm / 7:00pm     SEMO Fair Bingo (FREE)


                                  GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE



            8:00pm                    Tickets available at $ 35

                           Advance ticket purchase inculdes entry gate admission

                           LIVESTOCK COMPETITIONS & JUDGING


              8:00am     Ayrshire, with Milking Shorthorn, & Jersey to follow

                                  Livestock Show Arena

              9:00am     Open Class & FFA Field Crop Judging  

                                  FFA Barn

              9:30am     Draft Mules with Jacks & Jennets to follow.

                                  Ballfield #7

              1:00pm     Holstein with Brown Swiss, and Guernsey to follow

                                  Livestock Show Arena








                                AT PARTICIPATING VENDORS !!!

                                      ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE

             5:30pm/ 6:00pm      Mother & Daughter Look Alike Contest

                                                 Registrations accepted at the Fair office

                                                 through September 4- Pre-registration not required


             6:00pm / 7:30pm     Baby Girl Contest - Register at the Fair office                                                   by September 4. Pre-registration required.

                                  GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE


                              THE NEWSBOYS


            7:00pm      The Newsboys  --  Contemporary Christian     $30

                                          Presented by KHIS Radio  89.9 / 107.9

                                  Tickets may be purchased on-line at

                            Advance ticket purchase includes entry gate admission




                                       ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE

             10:00am /4:00pm   Seniors Activities

                                Sponsored by Montgomery Bank

              2:00pm / 4:00pm  Reminise Band

              5:30pm/6:00pm   Father / Son Look-A-Like Contest

                                Registrations accepted at the fair office prior to

                                September 4.    Pre-registration not required.

              6:00pm/7:00pm   Baby Boy Contest

                                Register at the Fair Office prior to September 4.

                                Pre-registration is required.

              7:00pm/7:30pm   Twins Look-A-Like Contest

                                Registrations accepted at the Fair Office prior to

                                September 4.   Pre-registration not required.

                                 GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE     



             7:00pm    15th  Annual Heartland Idol

                                    Produced by River Radio Group


                                          FREE Grandstand event


                            LIVESTOCK COMPETITIONS & JUDGING


            8:00am     4-H Beef Bucket Calves Judging  

                               with 4-H & FFA Steer judging to follow

                               Livestock Show Arena

            8:30am     4-H / FFA Market Swine Carcass Judging Contest

                              4-H / FFA Market Swine, Open Class Market Swine,

                              Open Market Swine Carcas judging,

                                    Swine Tent Show Ring

            8:30am     4-H Goats with FFA Goats to follow

                               4-H / FFA Goat Tent Show Ring

                               4-H Sheep. FFA Sheep,Open Sheep judging

                                    Sheep Tent show ring

            1:00pm     4-H / FFA Combined Beef Show - Livestock Show Arena

            5:00pm     Charolais Judging - Livestock Show Arena




                  ALL ENTRY GATE ADMISSIONS $3.00                               


                                    ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE

               6:00pm/7:30pm    THE DRISKILLS   (Country Music)

                               GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE

                                 DAN + SHAY




               8:00pm         Orchestra reserved seats  $ 35                           

                                         Grandstand seats   $35


                          Advance ticket purchase includes entry gate admission

                             LIVESTOCK COMPETITIONS & JUDGING


                8:30am     Guinea Pigs, Pigeons, Poutlry & Rabbits

                                   Poultry Tent

                9:00am     Hereford Judging with Simmental to follow.

                                   Livestock Show Arena

                4:30pm    4-H / FFA Livestock Sale

                                   Sale order - Barrows,Steers. Lambs, & Goats

                                   Livestock Show Arena

                7:30pm    Draft Pony & Mini Mule Hitches Judging

                                   Ballfield #7

          FRIDAY - SEPTEMBER 18

                                      ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE


              5:00pm/7:00pm    Kickin Kountry


                                GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE

              7:00pm      DeWitt Auction Company / D & S Salvage

                                            Hot Rod Truck and Tractor Pull


                                           tickets available at $15 & $20

                                   advance purchase includs entry gate admissions

                               By I.T.P.A and Bootheel Pullers Association



                           LIVESTOCK COMPETITIONS & JUDGING

              9:00am       Angus Judging -     Livestock Show Arena

              9:30am       Mini Mules Judging -  Ballfield #7

              1:00pm      Other breeds Beef cattle with Commercial Heifers to follow

                                   Livestock Show Arena

              1:30pm      Draft Ponies Judging - Ballfield #7

              3:30pm      4-H Draft Horse, Draft Mule, Mini Mule, & Draft Pony Judging

                                  Ballfield #7

              7:30pm      Draft Ponies & Mini Mule Hitches judging - Ballfield #7

                                      COMPETITIONS & CONTESTS

              NOON      4-H / FFA Tractor Rodeo

                                   Grandstand Area Infield - Ballfield #4

              6:30pm     Cross-Cut Saw Competition

                                    Antique Tractor Display Area


           SATURDAY - SEPTEMBER 19

                                     ACTIVITIES TENT SCHEDULE

                9:00am 4H & FFA Public Speaking Contest


               3:00pm /4:30pm    Leevon DeCourley Band

               5:00pm/7:00pm     The Lewis Family & Country Fire Cloggers


                             GRANDSTAND EVENTS SCHEDULE


                7:00pm   DeWitt Auction Company / D & S Salvage

                                         Hot Rod Truck & Tractor Pull


                                           tickets available at $15 & $20

                           Advance ticket purchase includs entry gate fee



                           LIVESTOCK COMPETITIONS & JUDGING

                10:00am    Mini Mule and Draft Pony Obstacle Course


                  2:00pm    4-H Horse Show 

                                     Ballfield #7

                                 COMPETITIONS & CONTESTS

               10:30am    Quarter Scramble - Livestock Show Arena

               11:00am    Washers Tournament Team Singles event

                                     American Legion Pavillion

               1:00pm      Live Rooster Crowing - 4-H / FFA Goat Tent Show Ring

                                     Pre-registration required at Poultry Tent

               1:00pm      Washers Tournament Doubles Event

                                     American Legion Pavillion

               2:00pm      Pee Wee Showmanship - Livestock Show Arena

               5:00pm      Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull -  Livestock Show Arena






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