The SEMO District Fair began as a showcase of the area farmers’ crops and livestock, and 166 years later, this element of the Fair is as strong as it ever was. Come watch us work!

We are proud to be agriculturally-centered, and enjoy showcasing the exhibits from our regional farmers. Crop exhibits and livestock exhibits fill the southeast area of the fairgrounds, and are open for viewing during fair hours. Be sure to check out the impressive array of shop exhibits directly in front of the FFA barn as well. Many of these top-notch projects are for sale by the students that built them.

Expect a little dirt. Expect some interesting smells. Most of all, expect to see kids and adults hard at work, caring for their prize animals and cultivating their finest crops, all with a smile on their face.

And hey, while we have your attention, let’s chat about some important info for YOU as you venture through the livestock areas.

NO SMOKING is allowed in any of the livestock areas. There are a lot of reasons why, from the dry stocks of hay and straw all the way to the health risks, but PLEASE do not smoke around the livestock areas. Thanks!
Although all of our exhibitors work very hard to tame their show animals, please remember that these are farm animals. Steers can weigh around 1400 pounds, and those devilishly handsome hogs or fuzzy sheep might like to nip at your fingers.

We don’t want to scare you, but be aware. Be calm around them, and if you would like to try and pet an animal, TALK TO THE FARMER FIRST! Chances are, they’re waiting for you to say hello. 🙂

When you do get the chance to scratch an animal’s head or dig your fingers into the wool, remember to wash your hands. These animal pals do live outside, and by keeping clean, you’re not only protecting yourself but the animals as well. Contact between animals can spread disease as well.

Moms and Dads, we suggest keeping some hand sanitizer on you if you don’t already. Little hands love to explore!

There are hand washing stations in several locations throughout the fairgrounds, including the livestock area.

Did someone say snacks?!?

Nope. As much fun as it is to watch a rabbit scarf down a carrot stick or a goat hoard a hot dog, PLEASE don’t feed the animals. All of the farmers who work very hard with their animals give them everything they need, including a very specific diet. Sometimes they may feed snacks, and you’re always welcome to ask!

Thanks for respecting our animals’ health!

Most of all, we want you to enjoy your experience in and around our Agricultural exhibits. Spend some time, ask some questions and remember these simple suggestions. Thanks!